California economy

Dear Editor: Last Year, I wrote a letter to the editor stating that America was in the toilet. The following week, several writers scolded me, saying how wrong I was for making such an assertion.

Well, now I’m saying California is in the toilet and here’s why.

Coal, oil and natural gas has been the engine that has fostered the industrial revolution. Millions upon millions of homes are heated by natural gas and oil, and that’s not counting all the millions of cars and trucks that keep the economy going. Electric power plants are making power by the use of these three natural resources.

Does anyone know all the byproducts of oil? I think not. The clothes we wear, the carpet we walk on, plastic and fiberglass and all these other wonderful products that we enjoy every day that make life enjoyable for Americans.

But now the do-gooders in Sacramento think they know more than everyone else. They aren’t satisfied that vehicle manufacturers have raised fuel mileage, they want more.

Of course they are screaming that the cars we drive now get great mileage and that they don’t receive enough fuel tax, so now these wizards want to raise the fuel tax. No matter that Californians pay the highest income tax, sales tax, DMV fees, and corporate regulations that stifle California’s economy.

Now Kevin DeLeon, the Senate Pro Tem leader, and his ilk want to raise the bar again. They want to raise the fuel standards by 50 percent by 2030 and give more incentives for electric vehicles. Does he forget how electric power is generated? Not by wind and solar but by coal, oil and natural gas.

Businesses are leaving California just like Farmer Bros. Coffee, which is located in Los Angeles. They have been here for 100 years. They have finally gotten the message from the liberals: too many regulations, so they are going to Texas or some other state that likes business.

The people in California better wake up and start sending people to Sacramento that are not hell bent on killing jobs and business in this state that is going down slow but sure.

Now since I’ve given you all this good news, here’s one more tidbit. Since Jerry Brown has been in office, he has let 1,400 individuals convicted of murder out of prison.

Wake up, people.

George Hofstetter




Published: March 5, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 47