Campaign dollars

Dear Editor:I have read that the candidates running for office are raising incredible amounts of money for this little local election. It is understandable that most, if not all, the money will be used for advertising and to get their name out, if they are competing against other candidates. However, I do not understand why a candidate who is running unopposed needs to raise money. So my question is what Mr. Guerra's $30,000 is going to be used for? Does he think he will lose against a write-in candidate? And when there is still money left in the kitty, who gets it? I'd like to suggest that it be put into the city's general fund. The supporters don't want their money back. They gave it to get their person in office, so why not use the rest of the money to fund a project? Also, I find it interesting that Tesla Motors gave money to Mr. Guerra. Looks like the old adage "money talks" is still in effect today. -- E. Albush, Downey

********** Published: November 4, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 29