Campaign oversight

Dear Editor:Councilman Fernando Vasquez stated in your article last week that he didn't report a $2,500 contribution from Champion Dodge because it was simply an "oversight." ("Vasquez Says Failure to Report $2500 Was Oversight," The Downey Patriot, 12/27/10) Oversight? Are you kidding me? It is one thing after another with Mr. Vasquez. Let's go down the list if there is room. I received call after call from him during the elections even after I told him to stop because I was voting for someone else. Yet he continued. Then he sent out ridiculous mailers trying to trick us into believing that the chief of police, district attorney and others were backing him up. That was false. Then the local police department investigated him for some questionable incidents while he was planning commissioner. And don't forget that he worked for the company that is building the low-income housing in downtown, which creates some obvious conflict of interest issues. When is this going to stop with Mr. Vasquez? When Mr. Vasquez is working on important city issues including the budget, is he going to have another "oversight"? If this were any other town, the residents would be in an uproar. But I guess Downey is just too busy to pay attention. Shame on us. -- Melissa Wright, Downey

Dear Editor: Your article last week regarding Council Fernando Vasquez's failure to report $2,500 is particularly disturbing to myself and I am certain to many other residents. The article states that Mr. Vasquez indicated his failure to report the money from Downey's Champion Dodge was simply an "oversight." It appears he has failed to take responsibility by blaming his campaign treasurer. How convenient. Well in light of the recent Bell fiasco, I think Mr. Vasquez has a responsibility to address this issue as our confidence in him continues to deteriorate. How is it possible that a person can "overlook" to report a whopping $2,500 from a Downey business? Does he think we are na?Øve or just plain stupid? It seems Mr. Vasquez was clearly trying to hide this contribution before the election because he knew we, the residents, would have many questions, specifically since Champion Dodge asked the city for financial assistance (a large loan) while Mr. Vasquez was on the planning commission ("Car Dealership Comes with $1M Price Tag," 6/11/10). As your paper reported a few months ago, the city leased the land next to Champion Dodge to them for a very low rent amount. ("Dodge to Lease City Land for $2K Per Month," 9/27/10) Thus, we ask ourselves, what is the real motivation in Champion Dodge giving money to Mr. Vasquez? I am very concerned about our city government and we need answers today, not yesterday. That is unless the answers are not overlooked by our city officials, or if they are not just ignored and treated as an "oversight." Give me a break. -- Robert Mastro, Downey

********** Published: January 6, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 38