Campos and cash

Dear Editor:I saw our former police chief Roy Campos in your Feb. 3, 2011 issue ("Ex-Top Cop Campos didn't Stay Retired for Long"). I guess Roy got tired of counting his money and has taken a job of interim police chief in Signal Hill and then is going to teach part-time at the Orange County Sheriff's Academy. In his last year as cop in Downey, he achieved $624,000 in total compensation. I hope Signal Hill doesn't get taken like we, the citizens of Downey, did. One of the classes he could teach could be how to make big money by ripping off the citizens. -- George Hofstetter, Downey Editor's note: Roy Campos's total compensation in 2009 - the year he retired as police chief in Downey - was $624,000 after he cashed out more than three decades' worth of unused holiday, vacation and sick time.

********** Published: March 24, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 49