Captain EO Returns to Disneyland

Through the power of online fanatics, imagination, and a little pixie dust, Michael Jackson's Captain EO 3D attraction has found its way back home at Disneyland's Tomorrowland Theater, touching down on Feb. 23 after almost a 13-year absence.While sales of the late King of Pop's biggest albums were resurrected following his death in June 2009, fans of the gloved-one wanted more and they set their sites on Captain EO. After being pulled from Disneyland in the late 1990s following Jackson's child molestation allegations, fans took to the blogosphere and pleaded to Disneyland executives to bring back the attraction to honor the pop star. EO succeeds its successor, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, in the Tomorrowland Theater located next to Space Mountain. Captain EO reopened to much fanfare and, as expected, long lines. Fans traveled from as far as San Francisco and waited as early as 3 a.m. to get a glimpse of their idol. Now billed as the Captain EO Tribute, guests can enjoy the original 1986 spectacle in enhanced digital quality and stellar surround sound. In addition, guests are greeted by cast members with 3D glasses and behind the scenes footage of Jackson, director Francis Ford Coppola and the entire team at work on flat screens. Anticipation builds high upon entrance into the theater, where guests are seated into fully functional seats that move along with Jackson's signature dance moves. For those who remember watching the show during it's first run, all of your favorite characters are back and as loveable as ever. EO's sidekicks Hooter, Fuzzball, and the rest of the gang are the first to reunite with guests, with Jackson appearing two minutes into the show accompanied by uproarious applause from fans as he appears onscreen. Captain EO's mission throughout the show is to give the evil witch queen of an orbiting planet a gift to make her see beauty within. Naturally, the gift of song and dance is in store, with Jackson and many backup dances breaking into "We Are Here To Change The World" for the queen. Once her inner beauty is revealed, everyone celebrates to an early version of Jackson's song "Another Part Of Me", which was later featured on his album "Bad". As guests depart the theater, illumination is visible across the faces of all, those who are witnessing it for the first time and those who remember watching it as children. The Captain's return has no doubt resurrected the Tomorrowland Theater and has done an excellent job of keeping Jackson's legacy alive for new and old generations of fans. An enjoyable attraction for all ages, it features one of pop culture's most prominent figures and it keeps you off your feet for 20 minutes. As of now, this must-see show it is billed as a limited engagement; catch a viewing soon before the Captain departs again.

********** Published: March 5, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 46