Careful how you vote

Dear Editor:A thought about the upcoming elections: Of all those qualified for any office, the best person for any elected position is likely not even running and on the ballot. Of all those on the ballot, the best person for the job is likely not the one who is the most eloquent, glib, charismatic, photogenic and/or promises the most handouts. Performances in debates and on campaign stages are indicators of actual job capability only if the job itself entails success by debate or happens to be in the entertainment industry. Therefore the best that we can do for ourselves, our children and the future of our way of life is to vote for the least objectionable of those who are running and have a viable chance of winning. Votes for dark horses are a waste and only serve to weigh the results in the direction opposite to underlying goal of the voter. Our governments on all levels need officials with experience in producing tangible secure results by leadership, statesmanship, dedication and patriotism. Be careful how you vote! Hugh T. Hoskins Downey

********** Published: November 1, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 29