Census stats to be examined

DOWNEY - A three-person committee is set to analyze data collected from the 2010 census that could be used to consider district boundary changes.The committee includes senior planner David Blumenthal, civil engineer Ahmed Husain and assistant to the city manager Shannon DeLong, all employees of the city of Downey. According to a plan approved by the City Council this week, "the committee will report to the City Council and recommend a process to view the information and consider possible district boundary changes." "The process might include the suggestion for criterion on which district boundaries should be drawn, the creation of public information packets, a schedule of public review meetings and creation of a special district review committee," DeLong wrote in a report. The city charter mandates that a committee review census results and make recommendations regarding city council district boundaries. The committee should complete its review by May 1. -Eric Pierce, city editor

********** Published: March 24, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 49