Cerritos College professors write book

NORWALK - Two Cerritos College professors have authored a book about relationships designed to "help couples understand their own needs, hear those of their partner and improve their intimacy and relationship."Dr. Todd Gaffaney, a psychology professor at Cerritos College, co-authored "Making Love - How to Create, Enjoy and Sustain Intimacy" with clinical psychologist Dr. Robert Johansen. The book was published last year. "This is our first book and it took us 10 years to write," said Gaffaney. The authors, with their demanding jobs, were only able to write on the weekends. The book is intended for the public and therapists who treat relationship problems. Meanwhile, another Cerritos College professor, Dr. Kimberley Duff, had a textbook, "THINK Social Psychology," published by Pearson Education last month. The textbook covers the essentials social psychology students need to know. One unique feature is that it incorporates "action learning" components where students apply social psychology concepts to bring about a positive change in the community. It's a magazine-type textbook which is now becoming increasingly popular. It utilizes more visual aids with less text than standard hardcover introductory textbooks. The chapters are briefer than traditional textbooks and there is no royalties for authors, allowing for a lower cost to students. When asked how she finds time to write, Duff said, "If the project is fun and stimulating, it's easy to find time to work on it."

********** Published: March 3, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 46