Chasing rabbits

Dear Editor:My recent Letter to the Editor on how we elect our presidents and the outdated electoral college system was not an endorsement of either candidate. Both President Obama and Gov. Romney are recipients of enormous amounts of money from rich individuals and corporations. The response from Maggie Allen ("We Want Obama Out," Letters to the Editor) was not focusing on the issue. With all due respect, I strongly resent my non-partisan letter being used to express the dislike of our current president. My point was that the billions of dollars being spent to have control of the White House could be used in a more charitable way. My observations were intended to prompt an intelligent debate on the issue. In my opinion it is very bad for our democracy being influenced by the wealthy to support their own agendas. When one does not focus on the subject matter, it is like chasing two rabbits - they both will escape. Colin Clarke Downey

********** Published: September 6, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 21