Cheer & sensitivity

Dear Editor:It took me a few hours to get through Scott Cobos' breathless monologue concerning non-sports, and a few points: 1.) Brevity is wit. Mr. Cobos could have made his points much more concisely and saved my eyeballs from the strain of reading his monolithic - and ultimately false - essay. 2.) His assertion that cheerleading is not deserving as a sport is asinine. Mr. Cobos spent much time degrading cheerleading but offered few facts supporting his argument. It was a lot of double-talk and hot air. 3.) I read in the same Downey Patriot issue that Downey High School is offering a cheer camp for young ladies. Perhaps the school will grant an exception and allow Mr. Cobos to participate so he may experience first-hand the rigors of cheerleading. I‚Äàwould bet Mr. Cobos may then change his opinion of the sport. The experience may also serve as sensitivity training for the future. - Miguel Locken, Downey

********** Published: August 28, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 19