Circus acts

Dear Editor: I want to say thank you to Ringling Bros. for retiring the elephants.

What the general public doesn’t realize is that in order for these animals to be in captivity, they were kidnapped as babies from their families and their natural habitat. Their mother and other relatives that got in the way of that kidnapping were murdered. A human mother would fight too if her baby was being kidnapped.

As young babies being trained for the circus, they have tight ropes tied to all four limbs so that the baby elephant is laying flat on the ground for hours. Their purpose is to break the spirit of the animal and instill fear. For the duration of the elephant’s life, they will live in captivity, travel for hours on the road in a moving vehicle, be bullhooked, whipped, and electrocuted. How would you like to live on the job and endure this cruelty as a human?

Thank you again, Ringling Bros., and I look forward to the day that you ban all animals from your shows.

Patty Jackson




Published: March 12, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 48