Cities work together on transportation issues

NORWALK - The Norwalk City Council agreed Tuesday to continue participation in the Transportation Management Association, a coalition between Norwalk and Santa Fe Springs to address local transportation issues.The coalition was formed in 2009 and aims to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution by promoting carpooling among local businesses and increasing ticket sales for buses and trains. The two cities are also working together to develop a "guaranteed ride home" program for workers who take a carpool or public transit to work. Meanwhile, the cities also agreed to continue an "inter-jurisdictional taxicab coupon" service in which Santa Fe Springs reimburses Norwalk's transit system for trips provided by Fiesta Taxi to medical facilities at the face value of $7 taxi vouchers used by residents, plus a 15 percent administrative fee.

********** Published: June 07, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 08