City kicks in $3,500 for Street Faire

DOWNEY - The city of Downey agreed Tuesday to cover a $3,500 shortfall the Downey Chamber of Commerce was facing to finance next month's Street Faire.The chamber had budgeted $4,000 to cover city services for the May 7 event but the true cost, when factoring in police, administration and public works crews, is $7,500, city officials said. "The city received a letter from the chamber stating their budget shortfall and are requesting financial help fund the additional costs," Brian Saeki, community development director for Downey, wrote in a staff report to the City Council. The council, sitting as the Community Development Commission, unanimously approved the expenditure. The $3,500 will be drawn from a redevelopment fund. The city has provided financial assistance to the chamber in the past to promote "industrial and commercial development, stimulation of local buying, and community public information," Saeki said. Last August, the City Council approved $24,500 in payments to the chamber.

********** Published: April 14, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 52