City's priorities

Dear Editor:Before I read the article in the Sept. 25 issue on newspaper racks, I didn't realize that I had my priorities all wrong. Up to that time I always thought that the pressing issues that should be addressed by the City Council were as follows: The streets in disrepair. You can tell when you enter Downey from a neighboring city because the roads fall apart. There are so many potholes and half-done repairs that you worry your car's suspension won't last. All of the dilapidated and empty buildings from one end of the city to the other - on Paramount Boulevard the buildings that once were Gallatin Medical for example. The McMansions that have been unfinished for years and are now bleached bones. The yards that are weed-filled, surrounded by construction fences falling down and the plastic sheets torn. I realize now that once we have newspaper racks that are uniform in size and color, businesses will rush into Downey to occupy the empty buildings. The roads will be fixed and there will no longer be weed-filled overgrown properties. Thanks to the Mayor for being the one to see how our city can be business-friendly and beautiful. - Karen Magana, Downey

********** Published: October 9, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 25