Club 33

Dear Editor:Because of an article you published recently concerning an unusual auction item, some surprising connections were made and a bunch of happy people can claim satisfaction. Your headline said, "Live Auction Includes Rare Prize," and it caught the eye of a reader from Whittier. The "rare prize," to be offered during a fundraiser for the Downey Symphony, was admittance for four people to Club 33 in Disneyland. Club 33 is hard to get into - a private retreat created by Walt Disney as an elegant dinner club, members only. The waiting list for membership in Club 33 has stretched to 14 years, but current members may occasionally provide a one-time visit to their friends. That's how the Symphony got such a juicy thing to auction off. Well, the Whittier reader of The Downey Patriot knows a man in Beverly Hills who constantly seeks an opportunity like this to enjoy the impeccable food and service at Club 33. So Whittier Reader called his friend Seeker Man, and soon I had a phone inquiry from Beverly Hills about our party and live auction - one goodie in particular. The result: On the day of the Symphony party, Seeker Man drove an hour across town, arriving in time to hear our auctioneer announce bidding on Club 33. There was spirited competition, but ultimately Seeker Man claimed his prize, the Downey Symphony realized a handsome contribution for its fundraising efforts, and this would not have happened if the Patriot weren't doing its thing. The Symphony is grateful to all. -- Joyce Sherwin, Symphony Board

********** Published: September 29, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 24