Club Rush offers opportunities

DOWNEY - New and old clubs on the Downey High School campus get the opportunity at the beginning of every year during Club Rush week to promote their clubs to potential members.During both lunches on last Wednesday and Thursday, many clubs set up tables in the quad informing about their club and trying to attract people. "We invite our clubs that already exist to set up tables on the quad and advertise their club," said Associated Student Body activities director Gordon Weisenburger. "They're allowed to bring trophies, pictures, and projects they've worked on to advertise in the hopes that other kids might be interested in joining the club and ask information about it." Club Rush week results in much success in recruiting new members for a large diversity of clubs. "Clubs get a lot of sign-ups," said Downey senior and ASB Commissioner of Clubs and Organizations Roshan Patel. "We have a lot of great clubs on campus." According to Weisenburger, 33 clubs currently exist on campus. He advises students interested in starting a club how to go about and start. "First, there has to be an interest on campus," said Weisenburger. "Then they have to get a club advisor, which is an adult on campus, preferably a teacher that has a room where the kids can have their meetings. The advisor is also responsible for the overall functioning of the club for any financial arrangements that they want to make. Then, once they get an advisor, they have to fill out a club constitution stating the purpose of their club and what their club is about and then a club charter that lists the club president and the rest of the board, and how they are chosen." All clubs on campus can advertise their club throughout the school year in a variety of ways, such as writing announcements for the public address system in the morning, the weekly bulletin, and hanging flyers all around campus.

********** Published: October 2, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 24