Coach Dye

Dear Editor,Last Thursday night there was a "Viking Sports Reunion" held at the Embassy Suites in Downey for Coach Bob Dye from 1956. He was being inducted into the Downey High Hall of Fame on Friday. Twenty-three of his friends and teammates were there plus many more on Friday. Inducted into the hall of fame on Friday were George Cade (1946), Alan Shiller (1971) and James Hetfield, founder of the band Metallica. Bob was introduced by Arvin Wenzelberg (1956). Arvin never uses notes or a script; he tells it from his heart. And so does Bob. His acceptance speech was smooth, moving and inspirational. It was just like the way he played and coached. -- Lash Stevenson, San Mateo (Downey High School class of '57)

********** Published: June 2, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 7