Community spirit

Dear Editor:As I read that Citizens for Downey disbanded (3/12/10), I felt sorry as we lost another asset of Downey's integrity and ethical foundation that is slipping away. While I was not an active member of Citizens for Downey, I had the honor of meeting and knowing many of them during my campaign for City Council in 2008. In spite of the fact that many of them were supporting another candidate running for the same seat I was seeking, I still admired their commitment, loyalty and care to keep Downey beautiful, safe and friendly while reserving its integrity. One of the reasons their membership declined is our attitude towards those who work and help our community silently. Not only do we not recognize them, but also we sometimes insult them as they support another idea or person different than ours. In contrast, we appreciate, applaud and reward those who work with loud voices, colored-photos and in the spotlight when and where we can feed their big and growing ego. I am asking the citizens of Downey and all those that care about Downey to regroup and vitalize or actually resuscitate our ethics, integrity and high-standard foundation. May the Heavenly Father that sees in secret reward them in public as He finally did to the great person, Dr. Mary Stauffer, who is an icon, a treasure and light of the world. - Dr. Shahira A-Malek, Downey

********** Published: April 2, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 50