Completing the job

Dear Editor:Last week, construction began again on the 3-story "hotel" on the northeast corner of Gallatin Road and Downey Avenue, after about a two-year hiatus. The skeleton has been sitting there, deteriorating, exposed to the elements. It stands as a reminder of our loose permit requirements. It seems like it is allowed to start a project but not required to finish it. But, for whatever reason, work has begun again. I do not know what the life span of a building permit is, if any. Doesn't some sort of activity or improvement have to be shown within a certain amount of time or the permit becomes void? And after that amount of time, is not the strength of the timber compromised? The darkly stained color of the old wood seems to say so. The contrast between the old and new lumber is striking. Now that the new top floor is taking shape, its low roof line resembles half attic, half army barracks. I can only wonder what side of the building the fire escapes will be located. I only hope that in the future, fingers won't be pointed to each other if the structure collapses because the building materials were unsound. It might be a good time to revisit the time requirements on city building permits, if any. - Ed Romero, Downey

********** Published: September 18, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 22