Congress' double standard

Dear Editor:Which laws do you choose to obey? Or is the President the only one who is allowed this privilege? So far he has decided not to enforce our immigration laws and has now decided that he can take over the responsibility of Congress regarding immigration, probably feeling that they are unneeded, not knowing that there is a separation of powers in the United States government - that being Legislative, Executive and Judicial or of states' rights. If he doesn't like what they do, he just has the sleazy attorney general, Eric Holder, sue them, i.e. Arizona, Florida and Texas. Eric Holder couldn't be bothered to bring action against the New Black Panther Party when they intimidated voters at the last election. Then President Obama decided not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act voted in by Congress and signed into law by Democratic President Bill Clinton. Of course, we all realize that Obama has changed his mind on almost everything, depending on which political position will help him at the time; once against abortion, but now OK, once against same-sex marriage, but now OK. I'm sure that all reading this are aware of the Fast and Furious gun-running mess. The President, in order to save his hide, has issued an executive privilege mandate to keep U.S. citizens from finding out the truth. This program was instituted by the administration to convince the American people that they should not have guns. Well, their diabolic plan went wrong and a U.S. border patrol agent was killed. I can't imagine the grief his family has gone through for over a year. I lost my son almost four years ago and I tell you, a day never goes by without my thinking of him and wishing he were back. Not only the border officer, but what about the over 200 families in Mexico who lost someone because of this diabolic program? The U.S. wants to establish the democratic form of government around the world. Hope they take a good look at the sleaze in D.C. first. Congress just spent mega bucks twice trying to prosecute Roger Clemens for lying to Congress regarding using performance enhancing steroids and if convicted could have served 30 years. How different is it if Congress lies to the American people or if government officials lie to Congress? I'd say there is definitely a double standard. Elsa Van Leuven Downey

********** Published: June 28, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 11