Construction causing headaches at Warren

DOWNEY - Nearly 4,000 students trying to squeeze into a single gate at the same time to get to school at Warren is a mission in itself.With street construction occurring along Paramount Boulevard from Alameda Street to Brookmill Road, which is expected to end around Nov. 22, that mission has become a lot more difficult. "It is so annoying because you're trying not to be late to class, but the chaotic traffic and students cutting in front of you makes it a hassle to even go to school," said Binal Patel, a senior who drives himself to school every day. To be fair, the district and school did warn the students ahead of time. A notice went out to the staff and students several weeks before construction was planned to begin, as Warren anticipated the construction to begin in mid-October, with heavy impacts starting Nov. 1. True to the warning, the normally hectic parking lot has become a chaotic flurry of rushing parents and students all trying to squeeze into the tiny available gateways. Many students have made an effort to come to school earlier to avoid heavy traffic, although much grumbling and complaining about the situation ensued. True, it is quite a nuisance to take time out of the precious sleep that is so scarce in a high school student's agenda, yet getting to school earlier does make a huge difference in both individual and group efforts to lessen the giant traffic jam. It takes many students around 20 minutes just to drive into the school gates. However, the situation can become an issue greater than just a mere nuisance. With the extensive amount of traffic, irresponsible driving also seems to be on the rise, which raises traffic concerns amongst pedestrians and drivers alike. "It was unexpected for me to walk in the parking lot and almost being hit by a car. You would think that drivers in a school campus would be careful, but they are not, especially because there is so much construction going on in the area," said student Hector Rivera, describing his near-accident in the parking lot. Luckily, construction is expected to come to a close soon enough, with the expected completion date announced as Nov. 22.

********** Published: November 18, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 31