Construction on Campus

After long months of construction to what formally was the old library at Warren, students and staff have been able to explore the new building which consists of classrooms for computer courses, along with a luxurious two floor library.Not only did the completion of construction for this building gratify many teachers, but pleased a lot of students as well. With only seven minutes to get from the office to the X-buildings, which are off to the other end of campus, new pathways were opened which facilitated access to classrooms, and ameliorates having to go through crowded hallways. Many seniors were in doubt about whether they would have the opportunity to see the improvements that are being made to the campus, before the end of the school year. "I was very impressed with the new library and L-building," said Warren High School student Maria Corona. "Construction isn't over but at least I get to have a nice new library and classroom before graduating." The main problem that the construction caused was getting around school through crowded hallways, which caused many students to be late to class on a daily basis. "The construction really made our walk to and from class frustrating," said Warren student Molly Negrete. The end of the construction in that area facilitates access for many students who have classes in the W-wing, which is behind the library. "I am so glad," said Warren student Stephanie Garabay. "We finally have more than one way to get around. No more traffic jams." Many students and teachers felt the same way about the construction, but of those long and troublesome months were worth having because of the way the library and the L-building were completed. "I think it's great," said Warren student, Maria Pedro. "I believe it was for the benefit of students to have a more comfortable zone." With approximately six months remaining in the school year, the only construction remaining on campus is the renovation of the cafeteria. So far, many believe that it is looking great, and can not wait and see what it will look like after the construction is over. ********** Published: January 2, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 37