Costly immigration

Dear Editor:Thank you for the column by Rep. Steve King of Iowa. ("DREAM Act is an Amnesty Bill America Cannot Afford," 6/16/11) Illegal immigrants are very costly to our nation at a time of high unemployment. Our federal government is living off credit cards and failing to be fiscally responsible. I am afraid that one day our currency will be devalued at the rate that our federal government is spending taxpayers' money and mortgaging our future. Yes, it is sad that many young people like Claudia Ramirez appear to be souls without a country. But Ms. Ramirez has citizenship in whatever South American country that she was born in. Our nation is not to blame for Ms. Ramirez's parents decision to become illegal aliens. So it is not our nation's responsibility to break our immigration laws to accommodate people such as Ms. Ramirez. There is a legal way to enter our great country. Ms. Ramirez is also occupying a college position that a legal citizen could have, such as my granddaughter that was not accepted at two colleges that she applied at. She is now on the dean's list at a community college. Then there is the question of "anchor babies" - illegal immigrants acquiring monetary aid through their legally-born children. It all adds up to the taxpayer being shafted. -- Frank Myers, Downey

********** Published: June 16, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 9