Council priorities

Dear Editor:After attending the last two City Council meetings, I have become aware of the lack of sensitivity of some of our council members when it comes to some of our community's needs. It's apparent that certain members are only there to help their special interest while disregarding citizens' cries for help. For example, one member of the council showed interest in installing Astroturf on a park soccer field and maybe even expanding the project to other parks, while another talks about building a bike path by the railroad tracks, all this at a time when the city is running a $6 million deficit. My question to our council members is: if they can find funds to finance these types of projects, why is it that we can't help our homeless? I'm thinking that the answer may be the fact that the homeless people don't vote in our community. However, the council needs to remember that residents that attend the meetings do vote and they are watching. -- Manny J. Rodriguez, Downey

********** Published: September 16, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 22