Credit Union creates scholarship to spur innovation

DOWNEY - During a reception at the Columbia Memorial Space Center on July 31, Financial Partners Credit Union announced the creation of a scholarship to encourage students to pursue an education in sciences.Downey has a rich history in aerospace, helping to build the Apollo space module, space shuttle, early rockets and more. The credit union's membership includes former and current aerospace workers, which spurred them to create the scholarship "in the spirit of innovation." The credit union is already a major sponsor of the space center and its "Great Balls of Fire" exhibit. "Sponsoring this exhibit, community events and the Innovation Scholarship are natural connections to our roots and the community we live in," said Nader Moghaddam, president and CEO of Financial Partners. During the scholarship announcement, Earl Washington, chair of the credit union's board of directors and an aerospace industry veteran, shared memories of the accomplishments that owed their origins to Downey and all those who worked and live in the area. Financial Partners' connection with the community was established in 1937 when eight employees of American Aviation Company created the financial cooperative to help their fellow employees with affordable loans.

********** Published: August 16, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 18