Defending Beck

Dear Editor:Regarding the three letters appearing recently about Glenn Beck, I also laughed, and my mouth flew open, but I do get the joke - which evidently they do not. Space does not allow me to answer all the remarks made in these three letters, so I will just give you my perspective on a few. Yes, if you have only watched Beck one time and saw him do a caricature bit about a particular figure or a comedic bit, you might think this is all there is to him, because he was an entertainer/comedian at one time. But the remark about him fanning the flames of bigotry or hatred means you do not watch often, or never saw the recent show in which Beck had a large number of African Americans in attendance, giving their insights, concerns and open discussion about today's problems. It had to be one of the most eye-opening and interesting segments I have ever seen on TV. Beck is currently on a mission to teach his viewers history (the truth) and the Constitution. When he recently asked his viewers to read the book "A Patriot's History on the United States," I immediately checked with our local library, only to find out it was not available, nor available for request. Then I checked with two book stores to find it was not available. By the very next morning it was No. 1 on and this past weekend you could find it stacked on the book table at Costco. When Beck uses his blackboard you can be sure he is going to "connect the dots," meaning the connections between many of the people in the current administration. Personally, I want to know if there are communists (Van Jones), socialists, Marxists or someone (Anita Dunne) when speaking before a group states that her inspiration comes from Mao Tse Tung. Many of these videos are on YouTube. There is a telephone on Beck's desk with the number known to the White House, in which Beck has asked/begged the White House to call him if anything he has said was not true. Guess what? No calls. There was one remark about Beck being classified as a "wing nut" by all the responsible (now there is an oxymoron) stations on TV. That should be your first clue as to their agenda. They are all so far left they fall off the charts. NBC, for instance, was a supporter of the president. Yes, Beck is different - but I find him much more interesting to watch than passionless, boring pundits reading from a teleprompter. - Bonnie Waisner, Downey

********** Published: April 16, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 52