Del Rio Lanes launches summer program for kids

DOWNEY – Del Rio Lanes is taking sign-ups for a new youth program starting this summer. 
For $10 a week, children can participate in a ten week long program, where they will bowl and eventually be presented with their very own ball. 

A similar program had been offered by the bowling alley for adults in the past to great success. 

“The concept was that if people bowl better or if they have their own equipment they’re likely to bowl more,” said Center Manager Mike Cammarata. “…If you have your own ball, maybe you’ll bowl more often. “If you bowl better - if you’re better at it – maybe you’ll do it more.”

“We had the 10 for 10 program for adults, and it was a success. We signed about 80 people up, and of those 80, when it ended, 80 people now are bowling better and have their own equipment, and about 20 of them joined an additional league.”

According to Cammarata, the alley doesn’t really see any instant profit from the concept, as the cost of the ball that is given away is barely covered by the fees. It is the hope of the alley that the program will cultivate a love of the activity in each individual, eventually leading to more regular bowlers and league sign-ups. 

He also says that this is a good way to give back to the kids in community.

“Junior bowling isn’t a profitable thing most of the time,” said Cammarata. “But if kids like bowling, that’s your league-bowler of the future, your tournament bowler of the future.”
Kids ages 17 and under are now able to be signed up for the program, which will run on Saturdays starting June 10.