Democrats unite

Dear Editor:Every time I see something over Elsa Van Leuven's name, I know it is going to be a hate-filled rant against President Obama. ("Congress' Double Standard," Letters to the Editor, 6/28/12) If Ms. Van Leuven would remove the blinders she would be able to see that the very thing she accuses President Obama of doing, her candidate Mitt Romney is guilty of doing. His opinion changes with whatever way the wind blows...if he even has an opinion. I do not understand how people can vote against their own interests when supporting the agenda of the Republican candidate. From the very beginning of President Obama's term in office, they announced that it was their mission to make him a one-termer. If they would remove the blinders of hatred and prejudice they would recognize the quality of the man in office. As Democrats, we must rally together and work as hard as we can to support this administration and see that the work continues. Lois Rossi Downey

********** Published: July 05, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 12