Dental assistant student has no regrets

Q: Can you tell me your educational experience with the Downey Adult School Vocational Dental Assisting Program?A: My name is Erika Magana. To be honest I came into this field with a narrow mind, not expecting much, thinking I wasn't going to like being a dental assistant. I felt I was one of those stereotypes: no career background, going back to school while getting older with no experience. To my surprise, the dental assistant class was very fun, and very easy, and budget friendly. I got to meet some wonderful people like my classmates. My teacher, Mr. Tooth Teacher [Benson Dimaranan] was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. He made it easy for me to learn all the information necessary by answering every question; we covered so much material and he prepared us for every test by making sure we knew the material well. Not only did we learn the back office but the front office as well. Being hands-on in the program was fun because it is set in a real dental office which gives us a great experience and prepares us for the real thing. Benson Dimaranan was an inspiration to me. He not only is an instructor, he is a Registered Dental Assistant with Expanded Functions, Orthodontic Assistant and Registered Pharmacy Technician, which means he brings his A game and that is very important for us as students to get the right information, and that made him an inspiration to me because not only am I going to graduate but I plan to further my career in the dental field. He also encourages us to keep getting more knowledgeable to keep escalating in our dreams as well as in our externship sites until we find a job. I was very lucky. I got to experience different dental offices and how they work. I was given the opportunity to practice my hours in a dental office in Bellflower with a really great dentist and great staff. His name is Dr. Flores. I love going to work in his office; the atmosphere is really great and fun. It reassures me every time I go in, when his patients say how much they love him and what a great doctor he is, that I made the right choice to become a dental assistant. My overall experience has been great. I tell everyone that asks that I went to Downey Adult School. Not only is it accredited school but its gives so many opportunities to anyone willing to learn. I am very proud of myself for not giving up and for taking the chance to learn something new. Now, I can say I have a career! The student testimonial was submitted by Downey Adult School.

********** Published: March 10, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 47