Dispute between neighbors leads to shooting

SAN FERNANDO - A 51-year-old Canyon Country man was charged Tuesday with murder after allegedly fatally shooting his neighbor after a dispute over a backyard light.Lennie Paul Tracey was arraigned this week at San Fernando Superior Court. The complaint alleges that Tracey used a shotgun to shot and kill Anthony Jay Davis, 51, on Sept. 24. An ongoing feud between Tracey and Davis escalated when Tracey installed infrared lights on his property and pointed them in the direction of Davis' residence, causing a technical disruption to Davis' video surveillance system, according to authorities. Tracey allegedly shot Davis twice after Davis unplugged the lights. After the shooting, Tracey allegedly pointed the shotgun at Davis' wife. Bail for Tracey was recommended at $1.1 million. Tracey faces life in prison if convicted.

********** Published: September 29, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 24