Don Lamkin



The following note was sent in by Don Lamkin, a Downey resident and artist who recently installed the “Downey Doodle-icious” mural on Downey Avenue: “I’d like to share an unexpected perspective of our community’s youth that I experienced while working on an art project in our downtown area for the past six weeks.

“Downey Avenue, just north of Firestone Boulevard, happens to be a confluence of students from both Warren and Downey high schools while walking home from school. I had at least 200 students pass by me while I worked each afternoon. From day one until my project was finished, I was continually amazed by teenagers that were polite, cheerful, well-behaved, courteous, and encouraging! Not once did I witness any poor behavior by any kids. Clearly, something in our community is going right!

“I’d like to thank the Downey Unified School District along with their Character Counts programming and staff, our civic leadership and staff for being involved with the city’s youth, the parents of Downey kids, and the community as a whole for good stewardship and pride.

“Most of all, thank you to our youth for being fine examples and citizens for all of us to be proud of! I, for one, am more than impressed with my experience and confident that our future is in good hands.”



Published: Feb. 5, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 43