Downey bias

Dear Editor:I have always seen The Downey Patriot as a reputable, honest and all-around good paper. But I have noticed that every time Warren High School has a memorable victory, the articles are minimized and downplayed. For instance, the article about the Downey versus Warren girls' soccer game was biased. ("Downey-Warren Share SGVL Title," 2/19/10) Your paper stated that Downey would have won if they hadn't been penalized with a red card when, in fact, there was good reason Warren deserved to win. Let's not forget that Warren is a Downey high school too. In the article, Warren's win was minimized to luck, not ability. Obviously Warren put just as much effort into preparation for the game as Downey. The fact that you included quotes from a Downey player stating, "I know they didn't deserve this win, we deserved it…we worked way harder than they did," is disappointing and disheartening. The fact is that Warren won, and not by a small amount but a dominating manner. I watched the game from the stands and watched as Warren outperformed Downey by a landslide. I would like to see credit given to the victor without minimizing the victory. Do away with the "ifs," "if only," "had they," and "almost" and let's give Warren some hard-earned credit and praise for once. All I wish to see is credit given where credit is deserved. - Garry Harrison, Downey

********** Published: February 26, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 45