Downey churches announce merger


DOWNEY – St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Downey Avenue is inviting the public to attend the inauguration service on Sunday, December 3, of its merger with the congregation from the former Moravian Church of Downey.

With the approval of senior leadership in both denominations, St. Mark’s will become known by the new name:  St. Mark’s Espiscopal-Moravian Church.

St. Mark’s reports some tangible changes have already been implemented. The Moravian star has been mounted, and the open Bible is prominently displayed in the sanctuary. Orders have been placed for the Moravian Book of Worship and the church is planning an educational series for members to learn about each other’s unique traditions.

The former Moravian Church of Downey closed after 63 years last June when its congregation declined to the point where it could no longer maintain the facilities.