Downey contributes to All America quilt

DOWNEY - As part of its participation in the All America City competition earlier this year, the city of Downey contributed to a commemorative quilt recognizing 24 participants.The quilt, which was made by Dedham, Mass., residents Deb Arscott and Kathy Bombara, is currently being shipped around the country to all the cities that participated in the competition. Downey took possession of the quilt during one week in October before shipping it to Dublin, Calif. The quilt was presented at a City Council meeting Oct. 25 and was also on display at City Hall. "Our city was extremely proud to have been selected as an All America City finalist, as it allowed us the opportunity to be able to share with communities across the nation all of the wonderful things that we are doing here in Downey," said Mayor Luis Marquez.

********** Published: November 10, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 30