Downey High seniors can see the finish line

DOWNEY - For many high school seniors in Downey, adjusting to being back in school after their winter recess marks the final stretch in their high school careers.With the first semester coming to a finish, many students look forward to the last downward stretch of the school year. For seniors, this time is especially treasured, due to all of the momentous events that await them, such as prom, the various senior activities, and of course, graduation. With all of these events approaching, some seniors are looking forward to specific events more than others. "I'm definitely looking the most forward to prom," said Downey High School senior Breana Alcantara. "I've only been to a few of the school dances, but they're so much fun! Prom is the last one, and will hopefully be the best, especially since this year it's at Universal Studios." Prom seems to be one of the most popular responses given, the reasons varied from student to student, with some students having their own unique reasons for choosing the event. "This is kind of embarrassing, but I have yet to ask someone out to a dance," said Downey High School senior Phil Kong. "I suppose my goal this year is to ask someone out by the end of the semester." While students spend their time looking forward to their senior events, many students also feel that they have yet to accomplish everything they hoped to in their high school careers. These students hope to fit all of it in by the end of their final semester. "This last semester, I want to try to go to a lot of my friends' sporting events," said Alcantara. "I had a lot of support during my volleyball season, and I want to return the favor to my friends." While some students hope to achieve something more specific, other students have broader goals in mind. "One thing left for me to accomplish in the remainder of the semester is to leave my mark on Downey High," said Downey High School senior John Franco. "Whether it's in ASB or Newspaper, I plan to do something great. I want the people that will take my jobs in those clubs to know exactly what to do, and make it even better. I want to accomplish my goal of leaving a mark, a good one of course, so that future generations can learn and build on what my class has done." Whether students are looking forward to their high school graduation or prom, or figuring out how they're going to leave their final mark on Downey High School, many students did agree on one thing. "It definitely has been memorable," said Kong.

********** Published: January 13, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 39