"Downey Overture"

Celebrating the world premiere of the "Downey Overture" during the concert Fiesta!, Mayor Luis Marquez presents a citation of appreciation to Spanish film composer Oscar Navarro. Joining them are Sharon Lavery, music director of the Downey Symphony Orchestra, and Nick Frankart, Symphonic Society president. Navarro, who resides in Madrid, traveled to Downey for the orchestra's opening concert which also featured the American premiere of his piece "Noah's Ark." Commenting on the overture, which Navarro wrote and dedicated to the orchestra, Lavery declared it "a perfect fusion of Mr. Navarro's culture and ours. Truly one of the most exciting opening pieces to a concert that I've ever conducted." Navarro is a prolific composer whose credits include the score for "The Mule," a film by famed director Michael Radford about the Spanish Civil War. ********** Published: November 10, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 30