‘Downey Overture’ to be performed at Carnegie Hall

DOWNEY – The “Downey Overture,” written by award-winning Spanish composer Oscar Navarro and dedicated to the Downey Symphony Orchestra, will be performed in Carnegie Hall this Sunday, Feb. 22. The piece will be presented by the High School Honors Performance Band with Sharon Lavery conducting. This is a national honors ensemble consisting of some of the most elite high school musicians in the country.

Students must pass through a rigorous and competitive national audition process to take part in the event, and the concert will culminate on Feb. 22. The “Downey Overture” opens the program.

Since its premiere in Downey in 2011, the “Downey Overture,” with its dynamic sounds and rhythms, has continued to grow in popularity. Other performances with international recognition have included London, Valencia, Spain, and the Tanglewood summer music festival in Massachusetts.



Published: Feb. 19, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 45