Downey Space Center hits Anaheim brewery in the name of science

Columbia Memorial Space Center held another “Pub Science” event Tuesday evening, one of the last events scheduled in their month long celebration of science. 

This particular event’s theme surrounded the science of space both in reality and in the comic book universe. It featured a panel of four scientists with different varying backgrounds in space exploration and aerospace engineering. It was held at Bottle Logic Brewery in Anaheim.

“The idea is to bring science to the people. We want to expand the walls of the museum. We want to be able to interact with people without them necessarily having to come to the museum,” said CMSC Program Director Rick O’Connor. “We want to create a comfortable environment for adults to learn, and this is sort of the best place to do it.”

The panel was moderated by Gerry Duggan, who is the head writer for Marvel’s new Guardians of the Galaxy comic debuting next month. 

“I think the most valuable piece there is the inspiration,” said Duggan. “The value there is you’re consistently trying to think what the future is, or what it could be or what you could make it. The ‘comic science,’ you know for me I’ll often do something that is maybe not scientifically sound but serves the story. But if it gets someone else thinking about that, a young mind, that’s fantastic.”