Downey water

Dear Editor:Public Works director John Oskoui is to be commended for proceeding with the much-needed upgrading of Downey's water well systems (pumps, motors, etc.). Our system is 60 to 70 years old and it's long overdue for upgrading. In the years to come our population will increase and the need for this upgraded system will be necessary. Downey is fortunate to have a high quality, clean, safe water supply. It's of such high quality that chlorination is unnecessary since chlorine is effective against many pathogenic bacteria; it doesn't need treatment or disinfecting. State and federal governments require water supplies to be biological safe, free from disease causing organisms. Our city water is tested once a week. Around town there are 25 testing stations where there is a pipe that the technicians runs off a few gallons of water then test samples are taken. These test samples are checked for many minerals and pathogenic bacteria. State and federal government keep close tabs on these test samples. Bottled water is not under such careful testing as it is largely done by the individual bottled water companies. It is interesting we have excellent quality water just by turning the tap but many people feel the need to use expensive bottled water. It's sort of like bottling air and selling it for an enormous profit. Bottled water is a multi-billion dollar business in the USA. Some people who may find our water not to their liking can try placing a bottle in the fridge for cooling, icing it, or run it through a carbon filter at the tap; these methods will make water more palatable. Years ago this author frequently took several giant plastic water bottles and filled them at commercial water sale shops. These heavy 40-pound bottles were then placed in our water cooler. This technique was boring, tiresome, hard on the spine, not inexpensive and took valuable time. Bottled and tap water come from essentially the same sources: lakes, springs, aquifers; bottled water isn't any safer or purer than tap water. In south Downey the giant Coca-Cola Bottling Company uses millions of gallons of Downey water each week. Be assured this highly successful company uses only the best materials, including pure, relatively inexpensive water in their products. If it is good enough for them, why shouldn't it be good enough for personal use? Try it - you'll learn to like it and think of the money you will save! -- Byron Dillon, Downey

********** Published: February 2, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 42