Downey's Lupita Infante to present at UCLA alumni scholarship event

DOWNEY -- Singer and television personality Lupita Infante will be presenting at the UCLA Latino Alumni Association’s annual scholarship fundraising event, The ULAA Fiesta de Inspiración!, taking place Thursday, Oct. 26, at the W Hotel in West Beverly Hills.


Lupita, who is herself a UCLA alumna and Downey native, is the granddaughter of legendary “Golden Era” musician and movie star, Pedro Infante, and the daughter of Pedro Infante, Jr., himself famous as a singer and movie star.  Lupita is currently on production break from taping for a Mexican television show.  

Asked why she was attending ULAA’s fundraising event, Lupita explained: "Students need us to show them that we care. They also need financial support. This event will accomplish both of those goals."  

The event is scheduled for Thursday from 7-9 p.m. at the W Hotel.  For ticket or sponsorship information, contact Bonnie Chen at or (310) 825-6533.  
About Lupita:
A native of Los Angeles, Lupita Marisol Infante, also known as Lu, grew up in the suburbs of Downey, a city associated in musical history with celebrated and highly successful brother-sister musical team The Carpenters.

It was here where Lupita started her creative development with music classes. She learned to sing and accompany herself on guitar which earned her early recognition at the City of Downey’s Way Out of Broadway Talent Show at the age of 10.  

This excitement for the stage, along with the inspiration of her grandfather and father, led her to pursue singing and the study of music. Lupita graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in June 2017, with a B.A. in ethnomusicology. 
This year, Lupita performed in one of Southern California’s largest Latin Music festivals, The L Festival, with headliners that included Daddy Yankee, Juanes, Marco Antonio Solis, and Alejandro Fernandez. She has also opened concerts for Shaila Durcal and Beatriz Adriana. 

Lupita’s album self-titled, "Lupita Infante," is an artistic expression of her musical upbringing, paying tribute to her grandfather Pedro Infante, and her father Pedro Infante Torrentera, with songs like “Cien Años” and “Padre Mío Amigo Mío”, accompanied by Mexico’s traditional mariachi sounds.  
Lupita is currently in taping for the sixth season of Mexico's edition of "The Voice" with Colombian celebrity coach Carlos Vives.