Dr. Gerald Lee Coy

1943 - July 26, 2017

Doctor Gerald Lee Coy, passed away very peacefully, Wednesday July 26, 2017, at his home in Whittier, CA. He was with family and friends. He will be greatly missed by his mother, sister, nephew, friends, staff and all his patients. Dr. Coy was the founder and director of the CHER Foundation for almost 40 years, next year will be the 40th anniversary of the Foundation. His true passion in life was helping people, this was why he became a chiropractor and why he formed the CHER Foundation. Dr. Coy graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in June of 1965. He was a proud member of Delta Sigma Chi fraternity. He held many positions as teacher and administrator. He was past President of the Southern California Chiropractic College. He was an integral part of California 4 Life International, having written and published “Doctors Recommendations” a product suggestion book for common conditions. He was director of the Cher 4Life Clinic, administer for the CHER Foundation programs, teaching the benefits of 4Life Transfor-factor, and practicing his own personal Philanthropy. His accomplishments, achievements, awards, certificates, degrees, and recognitions are truly too numerous to name, and surely, we would not be able to list them all.

Dr. Coy was very clear in his instructions, there will NOT be a service, but there will be a “Celebration of Life” Saturday August 26th, at the Downey CHER 4 Life Clinic, 7444 Florence Ave, from 1-5pm. All friends, extended family, and patients please come and join in celebrating his life’s work. Please send some of your “best of times” photos so that we can share with all.

The CHER 4 Life Clinic is, and will stay open to serve the community, and the CHER Foundation will go forward to serve the public as the Public Non-Profit Charity it was conceived to be.

If you would like to make a contribution or donation in Dr. Coy’s memory, he requested that they be made to the CHER Foundation. His life’s work.