Dr. Stauffer

Dear Editor: I was honored to be the honorary Grand Marshal at the Downey Christmas Parade on December 7. I enjoyed seeing so many friends waving along the parade route and then watching all the beautiful floats and the performers at the end of the parade. It was very impressive and matched the Rose Parade in many respects.

I was overwhelmed by the honor the Downey City Council conferred on me December 9 when retiring mayor Mario Guerra presented me a beautiful framed certificate of appreciation for my continued service to the youth of Downey and the renaming of West as Mary R Stauffer Middle School. I want to thank the City Council. I am so very proud of this honor.

I want to thank all those who did so much to utilize the resources provided. I want to thank Linda Kennedy who is the CFO of the Mary R Stauffer Foundation. She makes it effective. I want to thank the DUSD administrators, principals, teachers, students and parents who utilized the resources.

I plan to continue to work with all for a great tomorrow.

Mary R. Stauffer



Dear Editor:

Your reporting on Dr. Mary Stauffer’s philanthropic activities (The Downey Patriot, 12/4/14) is very commendable and makes me question if we, the citizens of Downey, have thought of the right accolades to present to her.

While we all acknowledge Dr. Stauffer’s concern for educating the young, we should also thank her for educating their parents about how to save for college.

The Stauffer Scholar Award funds a 529 Educational account where parents can save money for their child’s college education, which will grow tax free as long as the funds are used to pay for college expenses. Many of us were not aware of the benefits of a 529 account and that knowledge is a powerful incentive to save for a college education.

I am grateful that I learned about the 529 plan when my children were elected Stauffer Scholars. Those accounts have helped pay for their college expenses at Florida Institute of Technology and St. John’s University where they now study.

I propose to all Stauffer Scholars winners and their parents to make a special effort, during this holiday season,  to contact Dr. Stauffer and thank her for her generosity.

Jorge Montero




Published: Dec. 11, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 35