DUI arrests

Dear Editor:While I can appreciate Mr. Orozco's explanation that he is a reformed drunk driver, his nobody's perfect attitude seems a bit glib. ("City Council Candidate has 5 DUI Convictions," 9/14/12, thedowneypatriot.com) Everyone does make mistakes, but not every mistake is just a boyish indiscretion especially when we are talking about drunk driving. It is the kind of thing that leads sometimes to the most agonizing consequences, in fact. Take for instance the Officer Wayne R. Presley Memorial commissioned by the Downey city council in honor of the officer whose name it bears. Officer Wayne R. Presley was hit by a drunk driver on April 10, 1981, leaving behind his entire family, friends and colleagues. Though "mistakes" are inherently human in all of us, some mistakes cannot be undone. Regardless of that, the other question has to be, if you want to run for office, what is your underlying objective? Is it to serve a community of people selflessly, like Officer Wayne R. Presley? Or is it to run for a political office for personal gain? Democrat or Republican and Independent alike, who so ever should run for a public office should have the character, the credentials, and the selflessness that "public service" should be expected. It isn't enough to be a very successful person, business man, entrepreneur, jock, resident, etc. Because holding an office is not some "personal" achievement scorecard. Public office is serious business. Public office is about people's lives. Greta Campbell Downey

********** Published: September 20, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 23