Dump at Alberston's building

Dear Editor:I have been a local Downey business owner for more than seven years. We cater to high-profile celebrity clients as well as the Downey working class who expect quality work and experience. We are also environmentally conscience and Downey's only "zero impact" salon. My business has been negatively impacted by the lack of development at the former Alberston's building for the past four years. The dilapidated vacancy, unkempt landscaping and dying trees have become an eyesore in the "heart of Downey" and have attracted unsavory characters and crime. Truckers and RVs are parked overnight all the time. The homeless literally sleep at our doorsteps. People use the entire property as one large dumping ground for large items and waste. There has been a huge beehive in one of the landscaped planters for more than two years. I hate to sound like I'm rambling but I have been very optimistic and patient. I have made numerous calls to city officials to address this poor display of our city but I've come to a wall. When I heard that Fresh & Easy was taking over the location I was so relieved! Now that news is old and there is no improvement. As a matter of fact, the location has gotten worse. Now, if the plan fell through, don't you think that the location should look attractive and well-maintained in the meantime? What ever happened to "Keeping Downey Beautiful"? - Rosey Ibarra Urban Roots Salon Editor's note: City officials responded to Ibarra's letter and said the trees will be removed, and the parking lot cleaned-up, "by the end of next week." ********** Published: March 13, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 47