DUSD public servants

Dear Editor: Regarding one writer's complaint about long letters-guilty as charged, but I still enjoy all the letters. And to suggest teenage texters as an example of brevity: pul-eeze, spelling and vocabulary have already become the victims of our texting, tweeting populous. (Yes, I know how to spell please). You can recommend a good poet if you want thoughts in a nutshell. Emily Dickinson anyone? Let's encourage literacy.

Speaking of literacy, and thus education: before becoming a full-time pastor, my husband worked many years for the DUSD, and saw things from the inside. He sometimes saw corruption, waste of taxpayer money, and internal and external politics. He cared because he loved Downey, and our children were in Downey schools. But he also saw many good people doing their best, from custodians and gardeners, working hard to maintain safe schools, with little thanks, to the people in the "Ice Palace", as the district office was then nicknamed, and even concerned citizens like Mr. DiLoreto, who gave so much to Downey schools, and did not get a building named after him!

We want to honor a few, most of whom are retired or even gone from this life. Thanks to: Superintendent of Personnel, Mr. Potter, a man of upright conviction; Downey High principal and former Coach Allen Layne, who knew how to be both compassionate and firm; Downey High English teacher, Frankie Brady, who treated other employees with respect and concern for their fair treatment; Mr. Foxworthy, Warren High Science teacher, a truly honorable man; Sarah Cairns, another caring principal; Mr. Slaughter, former Warren teacher, and the Downey High counselor we wish had been assigned to our daughters; Mr. Regan, the good teacher, nicknamed "Mr. Rogers" for his cardigans, but deserving that complimentary name in truth; current superintendent, Wendy Doty, who raised the bar for the office of superintendent. We wish her well in retirement and hope the next superintendent is as good. The DUSD should ask Dr. Doty for a recommendation for her successor, instead of wasting thousands of dollars on a company to find another candidate.

To the others we may have missed who once served and to those still serving with honor and commitment, God knows who you are and may He bless you. Glory Derryberry Downey

********** Published: October 4, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 25