Eat, drink & be entertained

Dear Editor:Affordable housing in the downtown area will obviously put people there. Porto's Bakery is definitely bringing people there. All of these people will be there and what are they doing? Eating? Absolutely! Great choices within walking distance of the proposed housing complex and Porto's. Lots and lots of eating. And then what? More eating? Downey Avenue, the core of the historic downtown area, needs something else, something to do besides eat! There are the plays and symphonic performances at the Downey Theatre, but nothing on a nightly basis throughout the year. There is the Krikorian, Downey Billboards on Firestone Boulevard, and the…no, I guess that's about it. No place to sit and listen to a live band, be entertained by a comedian, watch a classic or independent film, or stimulate your mind with an art show. Revitalize Downey Avenue with a restored Avenue Theater where all of these forms of entertainment (and more) that are missing from the downtown Downey experience could be enjoyed on a full stomach. -- Kathy Perez, Downey

********** Published: November 18, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 31