Editorial's timing

Dear Editor:Coincidence? A pre-planned coincidence in which Eric Pierce wrote a hit piece on Councilwoman Anne Bayer and simultaneously two Letters to the Editor appear on the same page, parroting Pierce's column. All this to the public on Friday before the Tuesday planned lynching so that no rebuttal will be possible. Perhaps the problem is that Bayer votes in the interest of the taxpayers of Downey. She was elected twice and has served as mayor. I live in her district and she does return phone calls to her constituents. - Don Johnston, Downey

Dear Editor: One of the unscrupulous tactics used by politicos is to make public spurious attacks timed so the target cannot reply before it's too late. ("A Vote for Change," 12/4/09) Frequently these antagonists point out that they have contacted their victims many times for an explanation but received no reply. No doubt. This is a ploy that has been used by some council members in the past. Too bad other council members can't find the fortitude to remonstrate against it in our "Character Counts" city. If Mr. Pierce had printed his editorial a week or two earlier, we might have seen a reply by Mayor Pro Tem Anne Bayer before the appointment of a new mayor, again contravening the established practice. - R.V. Rankin Sr., Downey

********** Published: December 11, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 33