Edla Bengtson was teacher

BELLFLOWER – Edla Charlotte Carolyn Johnson Bengtson, 88, passed away peacefully on July 27 during hospice care in her home, with her sons Bruce and John, and daughter-in-law Lyra by her side, family members announced. Edla married Carl Anders “Andy” Bengtson on August 28, 1948, in a service officiated by Edla’s father, and Andy’s father, the Rev. C. O. Bengtson, at the Lutheran church in Bakersfield that Rev. Johnson established.

Settling in Los Angeles, Edla taught public school music in nearby Bellflower for three years before retiring from teaching to give birth to Bruce in 1954.

Relocating to Bakersfield, Edla gave birth to John in 1957. The family moved once more to Fullerton in 1964 before relocating a final time to Walnut Creek in 1971 that remained her home.

A memorial service was held Dec. 27 at Heather Farms Park Community Center in Walnut Creek.



Published: Jan. 1, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 38