Election season

Tighten your seat belts, and hang onto your hats, we have entered the campaign mode, and it is going to get rough.President Obama is behind in popularity, so he will show us a thing or two about organization, and rely on vilifying his opponent. But vilifying won't work this time; voters are hurting and they want to be sold on a workable plan they can understand, not hollow words they have heard before. With a bank roll that may reach $1 billion plus, the media in every town will put out his prepared message vilifying his opponent. If his opponent ever got even a traffic ticket he will be called unworthy. Congress repealed most of his Obamacare, due to insufficient funds and lack of support by the majority, but look for him to say, "See, I told you, the mean spirited GOP doesn't want you to have insurance." Although the top 5 percent pay 90 percent of all taxes, the poor who pay little or no taxes will be coaxed to say the rich should pay more. It is strongly suggested that the GOP stick to proving they are business oriented and lay out a comprehensive plan that will get us out of our present mess, and stay away from vilifying. -- James Hawkins, Downey

********** Published: October 20, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 27