Encouraged by news

Dear Editor:I was encouraged when I read The Downey Patriot's Sept. 29 paper. Four articles caught my attention. First, the "Los Angeles County Districts Need to Reflect All Communities of Interest." If you haven't read it, by all means do! The six who wrote the article, one of which is a Downey City Council member, Mario Guerra, are exactly right. As a citizen of the U.S., I'm tired of the coalitions of minority voices constantly complaining, as does MALDEF. Those of the Mexican ethnicity are not under-represented. They have been elected to serve in many political capacities. Second, "Political Theatre with Oil." I'm glad to read that Robert Bradley Jr. understands why the U.S. is being taken down by this "green global warming nonsense." It's more than nonsense. Has anyone been watching how much of our tax money has been "given" to the failure of development of renewable sources of energy? I'd like to know what President Obama's carbon footprint would be since he took office, considering how he goes from one place to another campaigning every day. Is this what our fearless leader believes he was elected to do - campaign? I was so disgusted with him when he said he had no regrets about the half-billion dollar loss at Solyndra - well, President Obama, I do. I'm tired of borrowed money being given to those who contributed heavily to your campaign. I'm assuming this is a good return on their money, since trillions of dollars have been spent on this ridiculous research, with no positive results. China is way ahead of us and whatever the final results, China will manufacture it; not the U.S., especially since Jeffrey Emmelt, our Job Czar, outsources everything he has power over to them. Much more needs to be said about this. Third, the letter of Alaina Neimann ("Unions No Longer Necessary) and the comment on Mrs. Smith's class warfare rhetoric, encouraging a "sea of red spilling in the streets." We've not yet seen blood spilling, but we do see union workers marching in the streets. If unions were formed to benefit the workers, that's one thing. But we see Hoffa and Trumka and other highly-paid union officials encouraging, as she put it, thuggish tactics. It's not only the AFL and CIO, but now the SEIU (Service Employees International Union). Get that folks - international (meaning worldwide). We don't want nor need that. Lastly, the "Teens Chosen to Serve on Youth Commission." I was encouraged by some of them. One, Brenda Lopez, who spoke out against the growing number of hookah lounges. Also, the remarks of Breann Mejias and Kimberly Matamoros and others. This is especially encouraging in light of the Wall Street picketing by those, some of whom I assume are educated, who are asking a federal wage for everyone, regardless of whether they work or not, taking all the money from the rich to accomplish this. No plan has been given when all the wealthy people are broke or who will invest in businesses to produce. They want all debt to be forgiven. They want a guaranteed job for everyone, free college education, open borders to the world and free healthcare for everyone. I don't know how many of them are college graduates who are zonked out by drugs, or just plain stupid with nothing better to do. Two interviewed had quit their jobs in another state to go to New York to demonstrate. To me, this is a Marxism, Communism and Progressive movement brought on my an administration that encourages it. An aside: I wonder if they would take George Soros' money first? -- Elsa Van Leuven, Downey

********** Published: October 13, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 26